Mandir Mein Hadtaal

Genre  – Satire.
Staged  – February, 2019.
Venue  – ADA Rangamandira.
Written by PU. LA. Deshpande
Directed by Dhanlaxmi Goyal

Pu. La. Deshpande’s play, “MANDIR MEIN HADTAAL” is well written satire performed all over the world by children and adults alike. The 45 minutes play is a comedy satire based in the present era. After years of stand on a brick of stone and referred for thousands of years in an unkempt temple; Vitthal a form of Lord Vishnu decides he does not want to be God anymore. One evening during a religious gathering when the prayers and the songs are at the peak, Vitthal comes to life and attempts to speak with his devotees expressing his desire to resign from Godliness.

However, the devotees are too busy fighting amongst themselves, wondering where the voices are coming from. Vitthal finally decides to come out of his abode and present himself to the public. The greedy and sceptical devotees immediately decided to test Vitthal’s wit.

Vittal has other plans. He has made himself clear that he would now like to work lime regular human beings instead of becoming God and asks for a job from his devotees who avoid him like the plague. What follows is a tornado of secrets coming out in public. Will Vitthal become human or will he go back to being God again??

The production was arranged in less than 7 days. Actors ranged from the age group of 5 to 30 years and opened to a positive and fun crowd. 

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