Community Outreach

DreamScope Theatre is for everyone, not for few. We believe that the tools provided by Theatre should be utilised for the community in a productive manner. We use art to inspire people and communities, highlight prevalent social, environmental, political problems to initiate change and find solutions. We believe that Art should contribute and become a medium of dialogue through which we can make a better society.

DreamScope Theatre works with participants to create community friendly programs which result in Street Plays and/or workshops directed towards important themes like women’s issues, feminism, food shortage, Traffic etc. Programs end with a dialogue and spreading awareness amongst audiences and participants. Through our Community Outreach Programs we have been able to reach more than 1,00,000 people and children.

Some of our Previous Programs include:

STREET THEATRE – ON THE STREETS: In 2011, DreamScope Theatre worked with children to create awareness about Road Discipline and Traffic Sense. This project was initiated with special permission granted by the Bangalore Traffic Commissioner, and was highly successful. The children performed for more than 6,000 audience members.

STREET THEATRE – FOOD SHORTAGE: As an interactive project, we performed a street play in various schools to create awareness on food shortage and wastage. The program concluded with children finding fruitful solutions they would implement towards saving food.

STREET THEATRE – SAVE OUR TREES: DreamScope Team performed at Neralu Tree festival at Cubbon Park. Our play Forest was featured as a Street Play where we worked with children and adults to spread awareness about the slowly deteriorating fauna and how important it is to preserve this for future generations.

AFGHAN WOMEN: Afghan Women was staged to a full house at Good Shepherd Auditorium to explore the role of women in the society and how their situation can be improved. The Ticket sales were contributed towards the AFGHAN ORPHAN CARE and utilised to build a school in Afghanistan.

YOUTH AND DRUGS: A Radio Play on Yuva vaani 612Mhz concentrating on spreading awareness about the impact of drugs on youth and their families and how to find help.

We have consistently conducted Dance Programs in children’s homes like Balayesu, Corporate run public schools like Parikrama and Dignity Foundation for Senior Citizens as an initiative towards introducing Dance as a creative pursuit.