DreamScope Studio Rehearsal

For everyone who missed this years production of our play The Forest, here is a special treat…

DreamScope Theatre Presents a review of the rehearsals of the play THE FOREST, directed by Tushar Patil.

This is an educational video made with the intent of providing parents a window into our classes. It is a culmination of our first scholars batch and a combined audition tape for all the actors and director involved.

Most importantly, it is a gift from me to the director and actors who have worked for 6 months on the performance; so they can always remember and keep this wonderful experience with them forever. I hope that it encourages them to do more good work and excel in their fields.

The play is adapted from a novel written by Puja Goyal, 15 years ago. Camera and Editing done by Puja as well.

To know more you can log onto our Facebook page: www.dreamscopetheatre.com

You can stay connected with us on www.facebook.com/dreamscoper by liking our page and we would be really happy to have you as part of our network.

Please feel free to comment and offer your feedback !!!

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