Reality Check for Kids

Published in New Indian Express on 27th January, 2014

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Imagine all the scary stories that we hear about global warming and destruction of our environment came true; could we or our fellow beings survive? Theatre is as good a medium as any to get across a message, especially so if one’s target audience consists mainly of children and the message heavy.
DreamScope Theatre’s production The Forest aims to kindle children’s interest. Written by DreamScope’s founder Puja Goyal and directed by Tushar Patil, the play, through the use of imagination and fantasy, action sequences and dance, hopes to prompt discussion among kids.
By helping its audience to envision ‘the last remains of the Earth’ as we know it now, the play aims to convey the seriousness of the issue and motivate them to reduce their carbon footprints.
So do take your children to watch the at Nayana Rangamandira on J C Road on January 31 at 6 pm.
The cast for the show includes DreamScope’s first scholars, who will have just completed a year of a theatre training. The day also marks another special occasion for DreamScope, an organisation that aims to promote the use of theatre in education – its tenth anniversary.
Those who miss this show, can catch its street play version of the production during the Bengaluru Tree Festival at the Bal Bhavan Amphitheatre on February 9, 10 am onwards.
DreamScope plans to take The Forest to underprivileged children of Sparsh Trust in order to create awareness among them and ensure they too have some fun.

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