The Forest – Revisited

DreamScope Theatre is once again bringing to you THE FOREST, on the 31st of January, 2014. The play is direct by Tushar Patil and features a completely new cast comprising of both children and adults.

The staging of the play coincides with our tenth anniversary and therefore makes the production more dear to us…

In 2013, we started with our Scholar’s Programme in which DreamScope trained children in the field of performing arts namely: stage combat, dance and acting. The program has been tough for the students as we are relentless in the matters of pursuing discipline, hard work and developing skills. The thought was to create a space for these scholars where they will be encouraged to learn, explore and develop their respective talents. This included long sessions of work every Saturday and Sunday in a very focussed set – up. The nine month program concentrated on building communication with peers, team-work, co-ordination amongst adults and others; developing emotional skills, physical skills in terms of improved flexibility and enhanced performance in any physical activity, memory retention, understanding and many other aspects of human nature. They focussed on their key skills and worked on the deficits. The course is now complete and the scholars will be graduating on 31st January, 2014 with the performance of The Forest.

The Forest is about friendship, love, support, giving wings to imagination, fighting for what is right, for the future.. and everything that stands for growth of goodness. The play was a result of hard work and dedications by not only the scholars, but young actors and adults who volunteered their time to the project. Tushar Patil is also debuting as a stage director with the FOREST. His work has been impeccable, and he has worked hard on presenting a new dimension to the play, and I look forward to many more promising projects for him.

In essence, the project is special for more than one reason. It weaves within it the dreams and ambitions of many a young souls who look forward to a fantastic future. They have indeed paved themselves a bright tomorrow with complete dedication, hard work and sincerity and therefore deserve all the best the future can bring for them.

The Cast Includes: 

Graduating Scholars of 2013 -14: Reeth Ostwal, Ansh Marda and Mitali
Young Cast: Ganira Lungaho, Kageha Lungaho,  Dhatri Shetty and Divya Ravichandran
Adults: Veena Jagadeeshan, Deepa Gowda, Prashanthi, Manish Goyal, Tushar Patil and Hiten Balsari.

Directed by : Tushar Patil

For pictures of our sessions and scholars you can visit:

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