Summer and Rain

Faces smile through the windows, waiting and wanting to enter the world of imagination. Dreams wade into sleepy eyes, and take you into a world where the only thing possible in the impossible. Dolphins flying in the air, and swans swimming deeper in the oceans; while children scream with glee and run across the fields of sunflower with their little kites. The rays of the sun set their reflections on the surface of the waters and we can see gold and silver streaks painted with smiling muddied faces exhausted from the running now looking at baby goldfishes…. Need I say more about how the Summer of 2013 had been for us? We were covered with Star dust all over and haven’t cleaned ourselves ever since we were first smitten by the squeals of laughter that our children greeted us with. I personally don’t think I will recover from this drunken ecstasy of being with children. They have spoilt us rotten and got us addicted to them and now we miss the company of them all.

May was a different month for all of us working at DreamScope. While April was full of energy, achievement, love, warmth and fire; May was ten folds that. Our children, were loving and empowered I must say. These two months have reinforced the importance of drama in my mind. Drama can change the way a child develops, perceives, assimilates, understands, intermingles that with imagination and then responds to a given situation.

DreamScope reorganizes, learns and organizes sessions according to the given consistency of the children in a particular workshop. We ensure that every child gets individual attention as every child is important to us. These two months we were successful in isolating each child’s essential qualities and working towards encouraging them in their core personality development.

April saw the children being empowered towards taking charge, and leading from the front. The children took responsibility towards organizing their work, taking initiative towards teamwork and developing communication skills. They were geared up towards being successful and achieving their dream of performing on stage. This was a labour of love, brotherhood and passion. The energy was high that no defaults or impossibilities could contain them. There is an important lesson to be learnt here. If you pursue something with your energies and direct everything towards it in the correct intent and spirit; then you won’t be let down. It smelt success.

Love, warmth, togetherness, kindred spirits and a family environment greeted us in May. The driving force was a good heart. The heart does what a heart is, I suppose. Pure passion and love for the environment, and concern towards our future generations clouded our discussions. The month saw the most number of detentions, sometimes we were thrown out of class by the children, and sometimes the children were thrown out by us. The discussions were furthered by an interactive drama performance of “PLANT MORE TREES” a short play written by Puja Goyal. The children were highly motivated and enthusiastic about starting a “Seed Club”, which would ensure preservation of plants. The workshop has moved beyond language, gender and other differences to unite us into promoting and initiating a better future for our children. Their concerns were enforced upon us by their mere innocence.

All the children we have met so far have left an impression. Some have introduced us to something new, and others have reinforced our belief in the work we are doing. Today, was our last performance of Summer 2013. We know we are going to look back with fondness and love in our hearts. We know that this very thought means that it has been good for the children and us. They are gifted abundantly in spirit and zeal, love and compassion, happiness, and emotions; they are not deprived of the grace of God and influence of positivity. As we complete ten years of existence, We have now to complete three more entries into our scholarship list (we would love to take all the kids but maybe next summer). A list of children we want to train for the next few months. Children we hope, will grow up to be the change, make an influence and be good leaders in whatever profession or dream they want to pursue. We wish all of them the best!

We want to sincerely thank all the parents who have enrolled their children in our workshops; and for allowing us to be a part of their child’s life. We look forward to being with you in Summer 2014!! Our Facebook Page has been updated with the latest photos of workshop. Please take a look at them. Like our page to keep yourselves updated with our work in progress.

– Best,
Puja Goyal
for DreamScope Theatre



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