There is More fun in Store

There’s more fun in store

Feb 6, 2013
Great Acts

As part of the ‘Deccan Herald Theatre Festival 2013’, three plays will be staged from February 8 to 10, 7.30 pm at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. 
On February 8, Lights off Production will present ‘Closer’, written by Patrick Marber, and directed by Siddhanth K S. The cast of the play includes Rajiv Khatri, Vaishali Deepak, Raghav Bhotika and Ruchi Ravindran. ‘Closer’ is a tale of confusing love and serendipity, where the only thing more desirable than passion is companionship.

On February 9, DreamScope Theatre will present ‘Field of Poppies’, written by Walter Wykes and directed by Puja Goyal. The cast of ‘Field of Poppies’ includes Tushar Patil and Dipti Laigude. The play revolves around a man called Edward, and is about eternal love that resides in the realms of our hearts.

February 10 will see ‘Plaza Suite’ by Theatre Lab, written by Neil Simon and directed by Prakash Belawadi. The cast includes Sharon White, Anil Abraham, Jonathan Smith and Maya Bashyam for the Act 1, and Hema Narayan, Bimal Desai, Christo Wilfred and Sahana Desai for Act 2. This is a comedy with acts that portray the separate stories of visitors to suite 719 at New York’s Plaza Hotel. The two vignettes take the audience from a poignant funny first act to a hilarious second act. 

For tickets, call 25880147/25880141.

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