Field of Poppies

“You have loved me, Fair, three lives — or days:

‘Twill pass with the passing of my face.
But where I go, your face goes too,
To watch lest I play false to you.
– Field of Poppies: a poem by Francis Thompson

The Deccan Herald Theatre festival features the World Premier of Walter Wykes, “Field of Poppies”, produced by DreamScope Theatre and directed by Puja Goyal. Field of Poppies, revolves around a man called Edward. A terrible and devastating incident has marred Edwards’ memory and he refuses to remember his beloved wife. Her memories lie dormant inside of him, until another woman comes into his life to help him remember. Edward battles the demons of his past and the persistent questioning of the psychiatrist Anne. He prefers to inhabit the walls of an asylum rather than face the realities. Field of Poppies is a play about eternal love that resides in the realms of our hearts.

This Valentine month, rediscover the meaning of true love in the “Field of Poppies”. In a world terribly drawn into chaos, hate, rage and anger, “Field of Poppies” brings to you love, hope, order and faith. Spend time with your loved one in the intimacies of Edward’s asylum. A must watch this Valentine month!!

Field of Poppies will be staged at Chowdiah Memorial Hall on the 9th February 2013 at 7.30pm as part of the Annual Deccan Herald Theatre Festival. To buy tickets and other information contact Deccan Herald on 25880147/ 25880141 or DreamScope Theatre at 9008410075.

Buy tickets online on 

Tickets are prices at:
Season Tickets: Rs. 1,000
Daily Tickets: Rs. 350, Rs. 200

Tushar Patil as Edward
Dipti Laigude as Anne

Produced by: DreamScope Theatre
Directed by Puja Goyal
Production Manager: Manish Goyal
Stage Manager: Meenakshi Upadhya
Lights Design: Tushar Patil

For more information on how you can be a part of DreamScope Theatre you can call +91 9008410075 or email Log onto: or

Press :    Field Of Poppies   – DEccan Herald

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