A Directors Diary – TechMate

Sometimes what looks good on paper, does not necessarily have to look good on execution. The essence of the idea changes with a slight change effected with changes in environment.

It is the same with theatre. Today was an ideal example of how the idea needs to be altered to suit the environment. We normally rehearsed in a closed surroundings; but when we moved to a larger space things didn’t quite work out the way I expected it to. I’m still left wondering why a change in rehearsal space should result in a drastic change in the way the actors approach the subject, his dialogues, character and movements.

Should a mere addition of SFX, or a slight alteration of props, or even a larger space provided to the actors after a long session of rehearsal in a compact environment; result in a complete alteration in the way the actors gets into character? Should this affect the actors position in this situation? Is this a normal phenomena, that a slight change in environment results in a character loosing personality, thereby loose balance and topple over completely.

If I draw parallels to real life, and say, a slight alteration in my life or difficulties which suddenly drown me, does not change who I am; so why should it change a character?

Today, it altered everything.

– Puja Goyal

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