Famous five

Catch the play Not completely Sqr at Sona Towers today and tomorrow


PIALI DASGUPTA, Miller’s Road 

Times of India (Bangalore)

Five short stories. One play. That’s Puja Goyel’s new production that mounts the stage at 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm today, and 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm tomorrow. Brought to you by Bangalore based Dreamscope Theatre, which was formed in 2003, the play is an hour long and is the brand new production of the group. In fact, this is the first time Puja is experimenting with this format and she wants to take the production to Mumbai, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.

Puja, who’s been into theatre for 15 years and works as a radio jockey and a freelance journalist with a Delhi-based IT mag, is part of the cast. There’s also Tushar Patil, Sindhu S and Lester D’Couto who have been working on the play for two months. “They all have day jobs” reveals Puja, adding, “I wanted to bring in variation. People will find this format interesting. But short plays don’t really get an audience if done individually. The stories are open to interpretation. That’s what I like about them. The sets are minimalistic and simple. The focus is on acting and the stories.”

As for the name, she calls it Not Completely Sqr as a square has four angles and the play has five. The absurd plays are based on short stories. The Worker by Walter Wykes is about two people dealing with relationship problems. Sustained by Eric Kaiser deals with sustaining friendship. As we grow up, everything becomes well-defined. The question of sustaining ourselves in the midst of everything is what the play explores. No Such Thing by Douglas Hill is about a gay freelance journalist who sends a story to his friend, who sends it to his boss, the editor of the paper. The editor gets to know about the gay writer writing under a pseudonym and wants to expose his sexual orientation. There’s also Death of a Hired Man by Robert Frost and Frog loves Christie, which defines human relationships differently. It’s about a girl who thinks she’s a man. But sometimes it’s ok to be confused” says Puja.

Tickets, priced at Rs 200, are available at Crossword, Residency Road and Blossom on Church Street. You can also call Puja at 9945677157.

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