Into the realm of the Absurd

Deccan Chronicle


When Napoleon stated “From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step,” the world called it absurd. Now, the team of Not Completely SQR has highlighted absurdity as the theme of their debut play, which will be staged in the city.

Puja Goyal, the director who is also acting in the play is a student of Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares — a school for acting. She along with three other debut artistes will be staging performance in Centre for Films and Drama.

Talking about the play, Puja says Not Completely SQR is a series of five absurd plays bordering on the ridiculously unsound and unreasonable. It is an exploration of people outside the relationship in relation to the psychology of abstract elements. These abstract elements give voice to things unseen and words unspoken simply because one has not been made aware of them. We have these webbed incidents into stories, which otherwise could be considered vague and ambiguous.”

The play will have four actors staging all the five stories. This is going to be a debut performance for the three actors apart from Puja. “I have directed and acted in many plays like Cat’s Paw, The Afghan Women, Experiments in Love and Love Letters. But the other three actors are on stage for the first time and they are very excited about the concept and the stories.”

Tushar Patil, Sindhu Murthy and Lester Dcouto are the other three actors along with Puja.

Not Completely SQR will be staged at the Centre for Film and Drama, Millers Road on March 6 and 7. Tickets are priced at Rs 200 and are available at Blossoms on Church Street.

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