Casting for… roles

Cast required for upcoming theatre productions…


1 Male: (Playing AGE RANGE – 18 – 30)
rapist, and stalker who defends his case properly, flaky.

3 Female: (Playing AGE RANGE – 20 – 30)
One Victim (beautiful) and two friends of the Victim (smart)

EK Ajnabee (Hindi and Kannada Version)

4 Males
Stranger: (Playing Age Range – 20 – 25) educated, smart and rich
Old man: (Playing age range – 40 – 50) poor and uneducated, drunk farmer.
Old Man’s Friend: (Any Age) poor, uneducated, drunk friend in a bar
Lover: (Playing Age Range – 20 – 25) smart, dude types, but uneducated. in love with old man’s daughter

2 Females
Daughter: (Playing Age Range – 18 – 25) young, greedy, poor and uneducated.
Mother: (Playing Age Range – 40 – 50) uneducated, bitchy but wise, fearful

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