A Directors Diary – Relationships

Can people who are not connected to each other be connected? Today, on a hot sunny afternoon, I was sitting with my production team (Tushar and Meenu) at a coffee shop. We chatted animatedly with each other; about everything that fell within the parameters of our work and everything else. The everything else was of course less compared to the work at hand. I sometimes wish we would in general talk about other things too. Because other things often tell you more about a person that what both parties are interested in and the topic on which the conversation is happening.

Why would I want to know about you? What difference would it make to my life? There is a cliched idea and an excuse which people give when they tell you why they want to know anything about you… “I will know better”, “I will learn from it”, “it will help me grow”, so on and so forth. What if none of it were true. I don’t want to learn anything from you; I don’t want to ask you random questions to fill the pages of my book, and don’t want to use you as temporary muse. (By the ways, I detest writers and people who call up and say stuff just to get a reaction from me or ask random vague questions because they are working on something. I feel like I’m being used here (darling – cat’s paw); and its a terrible waste of my time. It angers me!!) It’s just like I want to talk about something else for a change. I don’t know what, just something.

Is it a waste of time, if its not productive? To me, NO.

For example: At home, mum is always talking about household stuff. I know her, I know her work and I know what she wants etc. It is routine mum stuff. We discuss this all the time; I love her for all the contributions in life and I don’t think I can do half of what she ever done in her life. But sometimes I wish, what if we spoke of things that completely remove us from the present realm and have no connection whatsoever with us. That is something which would tell me more about her and bring us closer to reality. I think.

What we (at least I) need is to evolve from our present relationships formal and routine set- up in order to explore other possibilities of conversations. To look beyond the dialogue and into the depth of what could have been but isn’t.

“Therein lies the mysteries and secrets of people, and that is the secret I would like to discover about you and keep.” Puja Goyal

– Puja Goyal

p.s: is this what Jessica means when she says, “I want to know the man”

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