Cat’s Paw

CAT’S-PAW is a one act play on a group of eco-warriors who seek to “shock and awe” the world into stopping the polluters of the Earth’s fresh water supply, while colluding with the global business of news reportage to get their message heard.

Cat’s Paw is DreamScope Theatre’s third venture in collaboration with Hollywood Writer William Mastrosimone. Previously, we have staged Bang Bang You’re Dead and The Afghan Women. Cat’s Paw written by Mastrosimone and directed by Puja Goyal is a gripping drama about an unusual terrorist, one who is brilliant, articulate and right? Victor is the head of a group responsible for a bomb attack at the EPA Building in which 17 people have been killed. He has a television news reporter led to his lair so she can tell the world why he has done what he has done. Victor’s obsession is the destruction of the world’s water supply and, with it, the final destruction of the human race by pollution. When the reporter asks if he feels any guilt about the death of the 17 innocent people, he replies that hundreds of innocent people die every hour because of what mankind is doing to its water supply and do the people responsible feel guilt for this? The cat and mouse game between the young woman reporter and Victor gets more and more tense, leading to a shocking and violent conclusion.

Cat’s Paw is an in depth look of how a good cause can sometimes turn fatal; about the boundaries of fighting for a cause and crossing the lines into terrorism. The play reiterates the position of media and journalism in providing a powerful story. It also brings into focus the idealistic youth whose passion becomes a threat to society. The question of what means are ethical and moral to use to right a wrong—especially today; when we are surrounded with so many urgent issues requiring quick and effective remedies. It questions the line when activism crossover to terrorism. As such, the play is an absorbing display of interviews, drama and a well- masterminded script; which will leave the audience dramatically exposed to what they see around them. The truth is we have always had individuals like the characters around us, but have never realized. The youth who wants to make a difference and are so urgent and needing a change so desperately that they soon effect change by other means possible.

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French

Crew: Author – William Mastrosimone :: Director – Puja Goyal :: Produced by DreamScope Theatre :: Production Assistant – Tushar Patil :: Sound Management – Nikhil Goyal :: Lights – Muthuraman :: Stage Manager – Meenakshi Upadhya :: Creative Designs – Karthic Iyer

Cast: Sindhu S, Keerthi Laal Kala, Kruthika Rao & Sridhar

Place: Nayana Rangamandira, Kannada Bhavan, J.C Rd, Bengaluru

SHOW TIMINGS – 3.30 PM AND 7.30 PM; DATES – 9TH, 10TH & 11TH MAY, 2008

Passes available at Crosswords, next to Gateway Hotel, Residency Road; and Blossoms (in front of Amoeba) Church Street. Passes can alternatively be booked on: +91 99456 77157. For more details contact via Email or log onto Cat’s Paw

EARTH NOW Logo Credits: Original Design by Noah Lee Margetts & Original Artwork by Kosha Engler for New Line Maverick Stage Productions, UK.
Sound FX by: Mark Estdale, OUtsource Media for New Line Maverick Stage Productions, UK.

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