DreamScope Theatre

DreamScope Theatre was started by Ms. Puja Goyal, in the year 2003, as an initiative to encourage talent in the theatre world and see more individuals participate, get creative and find a foothold on stage. The company aims at bringing the corporate world and the audience together in the process.

The first staged under DreamScope Theatres, Bang Bang You’re Deadscripted by, William Mastrosimone was one of the most successful plays in 2003, in Bangalore. The cast consisted of youngsters, who were participating on stage for the first time, and were brilliant in their performance. Opening to a full house at TownHall, the play was covered by all newspapers and radio channels, and received rave reviews by critics. Bang Bang You’re Dead was also adapted and recorded for radio on All India Radio’s youth program and featured on their Vividh Bharati 612 MW.

Love Letters, DreamScope Theatre’s second venture was staged at Gallery Sumukha (which is a very prestigious Art Gallery) in the year 2004 in the form of Installation Art. We held a painting exhibition, theatre and a music concert at the same time. The play was covered by all newspapers and received good reviews. The play was an attempt to try another form of theatre, and it was on the lines of experimental art. The audience was shocked at the intimacy the play gave them to the actors, which in other words was very successful.

Afghan Women was DreamScope’s third venture, which opened to a sold out crowd in 2006. The all India Premier was an attempt to stage a play that seems like a movie and brought notice to the plight of Afghanis. It was well received by the audience. Proceeds from the play were donated to the Afghan Orphans fund.

This Summer DreamScope brings Cat’s Paw written by William Mastrosimone. It is a play apt for the Bangalore audience considering the water crisis we are going through. It has a strong political and social message for the youth; which if ignored could have far reaching consequences.

Visit http://www.dreamscopetheatre.com/for more information.

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