Stage Combat


Stage combat is a specialised technique in theatre designed to create the illusion of
physical combat without causing harm to the performers. From slaps and hair pulls to kicking and punching, unarmed moves are the most common stage combat techniques actors are likely to come across, alongside knife work.

3 Month Program (Basic Level) – You will be introduced to the fundamentals and is designed for complete beginners and ideal for anyone interested in learning about theatre, musical theatre, or film combat. The 3 Month Program is designed to give student combat actors an exposure to the philosophies as well as the structure of Combat. Application of those techniques through performing a choreographed fight. Gain an understanding of safety and how to spot good and bad practice. It is a way for a student to try out the technique and our studio before committing to a 6-month or 1 year program. The Program is open to Beginners and Actors wanting to brush up on their skills and is a crash course to understanding Stage Combat. Also Available as a Summer Fever Workshop for Kinder, Teens and Adults.

6 Month Program (Intermediate Level) – The six month program is an extension of the 3 Month Program. You will be introduced to the ideas of combat and Non – combative situations. Understanding Situational and Character Content. Your ability to use simple Combat Techniques specifically will strengthen, and Physical Theatre will build on getting fitter and learn acrobatic skills. Learn to work effectively as a fight partner. By the end of the six months, if you have applied yourself diligently and passionately, you will have developed a strong sense of your uniqueness, and know exactly how to use the tools to create exciting fight sequences. It will provide you with an excellent foundation to cope with being cast in many roles requiring fights. The Program is open to Actors who have finished the 3 Month Course. The student can choose TWO Classes from the Class Offerings and One Martial Art Form. (See Class list from the Class Offerings) This course is for Serious Actors and Combat Choreographers only.

One Year Program (Intermediate Senior) – The One Year Program is a fully immersive Conservatory Course, focusing on creating characters different from yourself, and working with the Director on a script. It introduces Character Development in relation to combat, Understanding how a particular character will use combat, Use of Properties and Movement, as a Character, in the script and Situation. Script Analysis, Voice, Combat Choreography, Emotion and Movement as well as On-Camera Techniques. You will gain a strong idea of industry expectations and a framework on how to move forward upon graduation. The student can choose THREE Classes. Dance and One Martial Art Form is compulsory. (See Class list) The program will end with a studio recital where the actor will present his work to an audience of Directors, and Producers as part of his Audition. This course is for Serious Actors and Combat Choreographers only.