Puja Goyal14917064_10157633149805511_5805613423941060815_o (1) – Writer/ Director
Pen Name: Dhanlaxmi Goyal

Puja Goyal is a Writer, Director and occasional Voice Over Artist and Actor, who got into Professional Theatre after 12th Grade when she started her own Theatre Company DreamScope Theatre. Her first Theatre job was youth and community driven, BANG BANG YOU’RE DEAD written by William Mastrosimone under whose guidance and mentorship she was able to take the production to a successful conclusion. Since then Puja has utilised theatrical tools to provide meaningful entertainment . With over 20 years of experience in Media, she has worked as a Freelance Feature Writer for Vijay Times, Bangalore Mirror and Deccan Herald, and presented programs as a Radio Talk Show Host for All India Radio 101.3FM and 612 MHz while laying the foundations for DreamScope Theatre.

‘In my spare time I practice Martial Arts with my colleague Toshiro and am learning guitar. I am working on a children’s novel right now and compiling a book of poems under the working title, CITYLIGHTS. I enjoy watching films in cinema halls, visiting cultures and new places, reading, scribbling and working with young Actors. Right now, I’m excited about “My Friend Anushka”.

DreamScope TalentShiv – Actor, Martial Artist and Creative Director

A Dreamscoper for 10 years; Highly Talented, Energetic and Patient Shiv has been instrumental in taking Theatrical studies to the mass with innovative and creative implementation. With a large children’s fan following, Shiv is known as the Pied Piper of DreamScope. He brings honesty and sincerity to any work he undertakes. He is hands-on and does not shy away from challenges, be it working as Independent Creative Producer, Project Manager and Audience Development Specialist. He has facilitated a range of cultural programs and presentation of high quality work across Theatre and Dance, and has single handedly trained more than 150, six to eight year olds for performances. His most recent work as a Creative Director includes a theatrical dance performance, “Bhagirath’s Penance” at RV Dental College with 100 children.

Shiv is a Stage Actor and Choreographer with an affinity towards Martial Arts. He has performed on stage in productions like Field of Poppies, Not Completely Square, Forest, Extremities, Cheenk, Akhbaari Vigyapan and Charon Taraf.  He is proficient in Modern Jazz from Shiamak Davar, Ballet from Amy Meyer and Contemporary Dance from Bára Sigfúsdóttir. Shiv aspires to become a Film Actor and rule the hearts of people.