Meisner Technique


To live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. The Meisner Technique is widely recognised as one of the most effective acting techniques taught today. The strength of Meisner Training lies in a clear, step-by-step approach to the craft of acting. It develops complete freedom of expression and initiates confidence in your abilities. Meisner Technique is based on “truthful acting” and promotes a type of acting called Behavioural Realism. A Meisner actor can easily supply an impromptu sequence of behaviour that can occur without words, between lines, or in response to an imaginary event. Sanford Meisner said that his approach to training “is based on bringing the actor back to his emotional impulses and to acting that is firmly rooted in the instinctive. It is based on the fact that all good acting comes from the heart, as it were, and that there’s no mentality to it.” The best actors work from impulse, one unanticipated moment to another.

What we Offer? (Please check Event Segment for when the programs will be offered)

3 Month Program (Basic Level) – You will be introduced to the fundamentals of acting through improvisational exercises. You develop skills such as listening and emotional availability, working moment to moment to create the sense of spontaneity that is necessary to all great acting. You will understand how to work instinctively. The Program is designed to give student actors a full understanding to the Meisner Technique. It is a way for a student to explore the technique before committing to a 6-month or 1 year program. The Program is open to Beginners and Actors wanting to brush up on their skills. The student can choose ONE Class from the list. Also Available as a Summer Fever Workshop for Kinder, Teens and Adults.


6 Month Program (Elementary) – You will be introduced to the ideas of relationship and objective. Your emotional range will increase and your ability to use your imagination fully and specifically will strengthen. By the end of the six months, if you have applied yourself diligently and passionately, you will have developed a strong sense of your uniqueness and know exactly how to use it to create emotionally truthful, imaginative and exciting performances. The Program is open to Actors who have finished the 3 Month Course. The Actor will have to compulsorily take up ONE Dance Form and ONE Stage Combat Class. (See Class list) This course is for Serious Actors only.

One Year Program (Intermediate) – The One Year Program is a fully immersive Conservatory Course, focusing on creating characters different from yourself, and working with the Director on a script. It introduces Character Development, Script Analysis, Voice and Movement as well as On-Camera and auditioning technique. You will gain a strong idea of industry expectations and a framework on how to move forward upon graduation. The Actor will have to compulsorily take up ONE Dance Form and ONE Stage Combat Class. (See Class list). The culmination of the program will be a studio recital where the actor will present his work to an audience of Directors, and Producers as part of his Audition. This course is for Serious Actors only.