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Genre          – Pschyological Drama.
Playwright – William Mastrosimone.
Director      – Dhanlaxmi Goyal.
Bangalore  – KH KalaSouda. Staged -September 10 & 11,2010
-Rangashankara. Staged – December 6, 2016
Mumbai      – Clap Centre. Staged – September 23, 2016
– The Hive. Staged – September 25, 2016



A 1982 off Broadway play, “Extremities”, on rape, is just as relevant today. Set in present-day “Extremities” is every woman’s worst nightmare. A young woman, Marjorie, is attacked in her home by a would-be rapist, Raul; she manages to turn the tables on him. Her roommates come home to discover the attacker bound with cords, belts and other household items.

Terry and Patricia, the roommates, express different points of view about rape in society. Terry believes that Raul will not be convicted since a rape didn’t actually occur and there is no proof. Patricia believes in the judicial system and insists on calling the police. The three friends also turn on each other due to Raul’s psychological game plan.

Extremities” is a disturbing play on crime against women. The play is not only a psychological drama but an insane piece of art which transcribes human reactions towards serious issues like rape. Previous performances around the world have incited dramatic reactions from the audience where they have even attempted to save Marjorie from being raped on stage; later realizing that it is only a play.

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