Corporate Theatre

With the advent of technology, the process of communication has changed and the mediums have become diverse. So much so that enhancing social skills and innovating communication has become critical to development of positive human relationships. Human connection has become even more important.  Customers want to shape products to their requirement, not just buy them. They want to be a participant in the manufacturing, not just purchasers.

Teams need to learn how to be inspired and inspire; and understand the ever changing scope of customer communication, marketing, product development and applying that to human resources and manufacturing. If you’ve a desire to live well at work, and do good in the world in this new economy, then we can equip you with the necessary tools available in a theatrical framework. Because Theatre is much like any playground, sports, corporate set – up or institutions. Everyone is working with a goal in mind and has a story to tell. There is negotiation, action and reaction, role – play, communication and conflict resolution; the bottom line is everyone in acting towards a specific purpose in order to achieve a specific result.

DreamScope works with Corporate Institutions in their work places to make working fun, enable human understanding and building an efficient team with of course giving them an insight into how much fun Performing Arts can be. For more information drop in an email with your phone number and we will call you, alternatively dial 9008410075.