Bang Bang You’re Dead



Genre           – Teen Conflict
Playwright  – William Mastrosimone.
Director       – Puja Goyal.
Venue            – Townhall.
Staged          – December 19th, 2003.



DreamScope Theatre’s Debut play “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!” was staged at Townhall with an intent to raise awareness on adolecent issues and bullying. The play opens in Josh’s jail cell after he has killed his parents and five classmates. The ghosts of those classmates demand to know why he killed them. Back Flash, Josh tries to manipulate his parents into buying a gun. The ghosts describing the “hell” he will live in until he answers them. Josh tries to shrug off this torment, but the ghosts seize Josh and push him into his coffin. He screams until he is let out, and “begins to look at the deceased with a new perspective”.