Alexander Technique

Constructive Conscious Control.

Alexander Technique works with the concept of control, building awareness and conscious guidance of the mind in order to control the action/outcome. The technique assists us with changing our response to everyday stimuli. Though we cannot predict the unforeseen event of the future, we can stimulate and provide an apt response. the process is holistic and works with understanding our own physical and mental framework in relation to our surroundings; thus making a conscious effort to improve our responses to improve the outcome. The Course is open to General Public and Actors wanting to learn more about how to work with the self using mindfulness and self – awareness.

What we Offer? (Please check Event Segment for when the programs will be offered)

12 Weeks Program – The techniques used will include Conflict – Resolution, Action – Reaction, Conversation Analysis, Understanding Mindfulness and Impact on Response, Movement and Posture, and Voice Correction. The program is open to Actors and Non – Actors, and available for Group Classes. For More Information contact the Office.