Afghan Women


Genre             – Drama.
Playwright    – William Mastrosimone.
Director         – Puja Goyal.
Venue            – Good Shepherd Auditorium.
Staged           – October 27 & 28, 2006.



The play is set after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. The protaganist Malalai, an Afghan origin woman decides to stay back in Afghanistan to mind an orphanage and protect the children instead of returning to the U.S. with her fiance. Mahmood, the warlord is on the run, he retreats and tries to use the orphans as human shields, prompting Malalai to kill the warlord. She then inspires the warlord’s son, Omar to find choices other than war. Afghan Women was performed as as fundraiser for the Afghan Orphan Care and as part of the Forum Festival.