Actors Program

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
~ Sanford Meisner

To Act, means to move forward and DO something to achieve a result which will ensure the moves of another act in another direction towards another Act. DreamScope was primarily set up to develop potential Actors into fine performers. 

We follow the DreamScope approach to Acting, where participants are trained in intensive workshops according to their capacity and understanding. We believe Actors can be trained if they have intent and desire to become good actors.

Each year we select a small number of students after Audition, who undergo conservatory training toward understanding different aspects of acting right from Stanislavsky to Meisner so they can better apply their talents. These workshops are divided into short one month programs that allow flexibility in participation. Please check our BILLBOARD for upcoming Events and Workshops. Alternatively do leave your details in the GET IN TOUCH page and we will get back to you with details on our upcoming workshops.