About Us

… identity …

DreamScope Theatre was started in 2003, by Puja Goyal with the aim to explore theatre techniques in education. DreamScope Theatre redefines the barriers to theatre and theatrical performances. We work with actors, interns and students to create transformative performances on stage and elsewhere. We organize professional and amateur theatre performances and workshops to train upcoming actors. We also conduct workshops for Schools, Colleges and Corporates.

… vision …

Our “Theatre in Education” project explores new ideas in transforming theatre and theatrical skills to challenge artists, society and audience alike. We aim at increasing human understanding and encouraging positive change in the community by taking theatre to them in various forms like workshops and performances. There is no limit to how far your imagination can take you! We inspire young minds, artists and audiences through theatre.

Our previous productions include:
Akhbari Vigyapan – Munshi PremChand
Upcoming Productions:
Midsummer in Venice – Puja Goyal
Afghan Women – William Mastrosimone

Radio Programs:
Bang Bang You’re Dead – Vividh Bharati 612 MW
Youth and Substance abuse – Vividh Bharati 612 MW

Community Outreach Programs:
Street Theatre – Road Discipline and Traffic Sense
Street Theatre – Food  Shortage
Street Theatre – Neralu : Bengaluru Tree Festival

… what we do …

Theatre  – Stage Plays
Theatre – Workshops
Theatre – Street Plays
Theatre – Stage Design and Management
Casting for upcoming Productions
Coaching – Actors and Technicians
Script Development and Conceptualization
Provide internship and training

DreamScope Theatre believes that it is important to voice burning issues and ideas. We have raised funds for the INTERNATIONAL ORPHAN CARE in Afghanistan through our theatre Production, “Afghan Women” in 2006 and worked with students and parents in enhancing the communication bridge between them through the “Bang Bang Your Dead” project. In 2010, we explored “Extremities”, to increase awareness about the victims of rape and abuse and explored the increasing crime rates against women. This project aimed at educating and informing the audience about the seriousness of the issues surrounding protection and freedom of women on the streets and in their homes.
We do active community outreach, donating to other community groups, hosting post – show events and forming collaborative partnerships in order to address pressing issues and be proactive in finding solutions. In 2011, DreamScope Theatre worked with children to create awareness about Road Discipline and Traffic Sense. This project was initiated with special permission granted by the Bangalore Traffic Commissioner, and was highly successful. The children performed for more than 6,000 audience members. They toured various schools and even performed on the streets. “The Forest” in 2012, encouraged children to find means to reduce their carbon footprint and save the Forests.
We encourage you to visit our FaceBook group for upcoming performances, events, workshops, and auditions.
Contact us if you are a member of a community group who would be interested in working with us or sponsoring our projects. We are also happy to welcome volunteers, emerging and established artists to be a part of DreamScope Theatre. We are also happy to sponsor other events if they fit our criteria.
You can call us at +91 90084 10075 or email info@dreamscopetheatre.com to get further information on your area of work with us.