Performing Arts Education

“For me, the interesting thing about Performance Art is that it will have no tradition, in the sense that the pieces are made for the moment. They are not made to last, the way, say, a play of Shakespeare, Moliere, or Tennessee Williams is. They are events of our time, like a shooting star.” ROBERT WILSON, “Legend Robert Wilson Talks the Rise — and Rise — of Performance Art”, Observer, July 29, 2015

At DreamScope, Performing Arts Education follows the modernistic approach, combining Theatre, Dance and Stage Combat. We believe that the best way to continue the tradition of performance is to keep the concepts fluid and adaptable to the requirement of the show. This will ensure that creativity and theatrical executions are updated with time so Theatre can be kept alive.

DreamScope offers a unique blend of Acting Workshops from Method Acting to Meisner techniques, Dance styles and Stage Exercises to ensure holistic understanding and development of an Actor/ Participant. We believe that no two Actors are alike and there is nothing like a bad Actor. There is only an Actor who is unrehearsed and under-prepared, or doesn’t know himself enough to apply the correct techniques towards the understanding of what works for him.