Summer and Rain

Faces smile through the windows, waiting and wanting to enter the world of imagination. Dreams wade into sleepy eyes, and take you into a world where the only thing possible in the impossible. Dolphins flying in the air, and swans swimming deeper in the oceans; while children scream with glee and run across the fields …


DreamScope Theatre's Tushar Patil worked with children of Sankalpa to create yet another magic on stage on 6th March as the children celebrated the school's 10th anniversary.          

Kinder Fest ’12

DreamScope Theatre’s Tushar Patil helped organize and instruct children for the Kinderfest ’12 at Margadarshini School. The children had been training for the past one month and looked ravishing in their costumes and performed as Jungle King and Queen, Salman Khan and Freedom Fighters.  

A Directors Diary – Perspective

notes…Posted in Afghan Women, Pictures on October 30, 2006 by dst Afghan Women, staged on 27th of October, 2006 at Good Shepherd Audi, Residency Road, Bangalore. directors perspective: part one(will write more later…) Scene One: Malalai being intimidated by “The Afghan Women” (Picture: Mayur) Notes on the scene from director: There is something about showing …